New televisions that mimic the human brain

New televisions that mimic the human brain, new technology televisions of sony company, Sony executives say cognitive processor is first in the world

New televisions bravia xr

Sony introduced the new Bravia XR LED and OLED TVs at CES 2021. The new series have “cognitive intelligence”, that is, cognitive intelligence XR technology. Thanks to these features, Sony’s new TV series optimize the entire frame in real time.

Sony has announced its new television series with artificial intelligence technology that can simulate the human brain and present images and sounds in a more realistic way.

The Japanese-based company’s move called Cognitive Processor XR (Cognitive Processor XR) is one of the latest technologies in this sense.

New televisions that mimic the human brain

Sony states that when the human brain sees an object, it unconsciously focuses on certain points, after scanning the whole image, it analyzes a series of elements at the same time, and says that the processor with cognitive intelligence performs this process.

“The new Bravia XR televisions convey reality better than ever, thanks to the power of the world’s first cognitive processor that goes beyond traditional artificial intelligence,” says Masaomi Ando on televisions with technology. said.

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