Intelligent cycling shorts were produced with artificial intelligence

Intelligent cycling shorts were produced with artificial intelligence, Artificial intelligence-supported and “smart” cycling shorts were introduced in England, which send electricity to the rider’s muscles.

Intelligent cycling shorts

Along with the new technology, a British start-up company called Impulse has developed a pair of shorts that use selection sensors and artificial intelligence to shape and stimulate cyclists’ muscles on the go.

Electric bike shorts powered by artificial intelligence are intended to regenerate fatigued muscles.

Intelligent cycling shorts

Devon Lewis, a doctoral student in neuroscience at the University of Southampton, designed the shorts. Lewis designed shorts that emit small electrical currents into the user’s hamstring muscles and quad muscles to improve his cycling technique.

Lewis, who developed the idea while working on motor nerve and muscle tissues, said:

Naturally, we have limited control over our muscles. If you electrify the muscles directly, you can better control them and adjust the contractions and strains.

Artificial intelligence technology

“It may feel a little awkward when you first wear it, but you’ll get used to it quickly,” Lewis said, noting that there is no risk of electric shock for cyclists.

For those who are worried about getting an electric shock while riding their bike, Lewis said it was more of a tingling sensation than a shock. “Like when you eat spicy food and are in a little rush. “It sounds strange when you first start using shorts, but then you adapt pretty quickly,” he said.

These shorts, which are an artificial intelligence product, will be shown at the CES technology conference.Quotation

Intelligent cycling shorts


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